Success By 6


No doubt about it, parenting is a difficult job. While most things in life come with an instruction manual, children do not.  There are countless resources to help parents and caregivers. But, as a new parent or the parent of a growing and changing child, how do you know what resources are the best, most up-to-date?  United Way of Southwest Missouri and Southeast Kansas’ Success By 6® can help direct you. 

Success By 6® is a national United Way strategy in more than 350 cities across the country all focused on improving school readiness through local community change. While local strategies, goals, and objectives vary, the ultimate outcome is that young children enter school ready to succeed.

Success By 6® supports a “whole child” approach to education, focusing on both cognitive skills and the child’s social and emotional development.  We know that a child’s ability to interact with peers and listen to direction is just as crucial to his/her learning trajectory as his/her ability to read or write.

Success By 6® fosters and participates in community-wide partnerships to prepare young children for future success. Research has shown how critical the earliest years are in setting the stage for life, indicating that children who enter kindergarten with the foundation to learn are likely to succeed and reach their full potential. Success By 6® aims to strengthen the system that nurtures the community's youngest children by working with parents, childcare providers, early education teachers, and local businesses that can all help children develop. The initiative works to educate parents about their key role as their child's first teachers, raises the level of quality in community childcare centers, and informs community leaders about the importance of the early years.